dex.js is comprised of of a series of modules; each containing functionality related to the overall purpose of the given module.

Module Purpose
dex.array A module containing array operations.
dex.charts A series of modules for providing charts subdivided by the base provider of chart.
dex.color A module for manipulating colors and dealing with colormaps.
dex.component A module for providing base component and chart behavior.
dex.config A module for providing chart and component configuration.
dex.console A module for logging to the console.
dex.csv A module for various CSV operations.
dex.datagen A module for generating data.
dex.json A module for dealing with JSON.
dex.matrix A module for manipulating matrices such as the data portion of a CSV.
dex.object A module for manipulating objects.
dex.ui A series of modules providing UI components subdivided by the base provider of the UI component.
dex.util A module containing methods which do not oterwise fit within the other modules.