This section contains links to things related to data analysis.

Data Preparation


Name Description
Data Wrangler Wrangler is an interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation. Wrangler allows users to spend less time formatting and more time analyzing your data.
Open Refine OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data.



Name Description
Dex A data visualization tool written in Java.


Name Description
Bonsai A lightweight graphics library with an intuitive graphics API and an SVG renderer.
C3.js A re-usable charting library based up on d3.js.
Cytoscape.js A graph theory library for Javascript.
D3.js d3.js is the premiere visualization framework for Javascript. It is very powerful, but with a significant learning curve.
D4 D4 is a friendly charting DSL for D3. The goal of D4 is to allow developers to quickly build data-driven charts with little knowledge of the internals of D3.
Dimple An object-oriented API for business analytics powered by d3.
dygraphs dygraphs is a fast, flexible open source JavaScript charting library.
echarts ECharts is Javascript chart library, which runs smoothly on PCs and mobile with an amazing variety of visualizations.
InfoVis The InfoVis toolkit provides a wide variety of useful and visually stunning visualizations.
jsPhyloSvg A phylogram (tree) library for Javascript.
js-sequence-diagrams UML Sequence diagrams for javascript.
morris.js Easy and attractive charts.
NVD3 A re-usable charting library based up on d3.js.
Processing.js Processing.js is a javascript implementation of the powerful Processing visual programming language.
RGraph RGraph is a free library that creates charts dynamically with JavaScript and both the canvas and svg tags.
Superconductor Superconductor is a web framework for creating data visualizations that scale to real-time interactions with up to 1,000,000 data points. It compiles to WebCL, WebGL, and web workers to unleash the power of parallel hardware for fast and cross-platform data visualization.
TauCharts TauCharts is a flexible charting library for data exploration. It’s an interesting implementation based upon the Grammar of Graphics.
Timesheet.js Create simple time sheets with JavaScript. Style them with CSS – mobile friendly.
Vis.js A dynamic, browser based visualization library. The library is designed to be easy to use, to handle large amounts of dynamic data, and to enable manipulation of and interaction with the data.
Visual Sedimentation VisualSedimentation.js is a JavaScript library for visualizing streaming data, inspired by the process of physical sedimentation.
VivaGraph WebGL based, highly scalable network diagrams.
xCharts Basic D3 based charts.



Name Description
colorbrewer Color brewer; color advice on maps.
i want hue I Want Hue is used to create colors for data scientists. It allows for the generation and refining of palettes of optimally distinct colors based on color theory.

Machine Learning

Name Description
Machine Learning in Javascript This is a series of articles covering machine learning implemented in Javascript.