June 2017 Update Posted on Tue, Jun 6, 2017

June 2017 Update It’s been about 6 months since my last update. There’s been a lot of progress with dex.js worth discussing. In general, I’ve been honing existing visualizations, deprecating a few others, and adding a lot of new visualizations. In addition, the framework itself is becoming more and more consumable; especially for embedding into other tools.

Introducing the new Treemap Posted on Sun, Jan 8, 2017

Treemaps Treemaps are a very useful visualization which allows a view into hierarchical data such as filesystem data. Below is an image of WinDirStat; a tool I use to clean out unwanted files on my harddrive. The treemap implementation in dex.js up to this point was terrible and needed to be rewritten. So, I present to you today a draft implementation based upon Mike Bostocks’s Zoomable Treemap example. Presidents Here’s a treemap which shows the hieararchy of Polictical Party -> Home State -> President

D3 v3/v4 Cohabitation Posted on Fri, Jan 6, 2017

D3 v3/v4 Cohabitation In June 2016, Mike Bostock released D3 v4 which is not compatible with the previous v3 releases. There are tons of new improvements. This release represents an incremental and substantial evolution of D3. Personally, I am glad Mike is not completely beholden to backward compatibility; especially in an environment where even the language itself is evolving underneath it. So folks will have to port their visualizations to D3 v4 if they wish to stay current.

Introducing the Treemap Bar Chart Posted on Mon, Jan 2, 2017

Overview Barcharts are one of the fundamental visualizations for making numerical comparisons and discovering patterns in data while Treemaps are also useful for making comparisons; particularly a with respect to a part’s magnitude relative to the whole. The TreemapBarChart visualization synthesizes these two distinct visualizations into one. This article will cover the dex.js implementation of a Treemap BarChart using the excellent Zoomable Treemap Bar Chart written by Chris Given as an starting base.

December 2016 Update Posted on Sat, Dec 31, 2016

December 2016 Update Periodically I will share my ongoing work and intended direction around the dex.js project. Over the Christmas holidays, I was fortunate enough to steal enough time to give the project the attention it has needed for awhile. One of my main focuses over the Christmas holidays was getting dex.js in a state where it was easier for people to consume. One of the main issues I had (and still have) was documentation.

Hello World! Posted on Wed, Dec 28, 2016

Welcome to the dex.js blog. This blog will cover anything pertaining to the dex.js framework.